Depreciable credit: where to find the loan at the best rate?

 You are looking for the depreciable loan at the best rate because you know that it costs much less than the other loans. This is indeed the case, but you still have to find the cheapest one and not be fooled by several hundred USD! We regularly check all the offers and the amortizable loan […]

Companies: decline from 70 billion in the last three years

With the economic crisis, the demand for credit from banks by private individuals and businesses has grown. To face medical expenses, important investments or simply to buy a new car, you can get liquidity through mortgages, financial or Finn. For a sudden purchase, for example, it might be useful to compare the most convenient Finns […]

Financing offers on the Italian credit

Among the numerous financing offers on the Italian credit market, there are also the retired loans of Banco di Napoli, one of the oldest credit institutions in the country, which over the last few years has become part of the Intesa SanPaolo group. The range of products of the Banco di Napoli loans includes various […]

How to Get a Consolidation Loan?

CONSOLIDATING CREDIT A consolidation loan is a solution for people who have several loans, for which the repayment of all installments has turned out to be too high a financial burden. A consolidation loan is a good solution for people who have several loans and want to get out of debt. Thanks to consolidation, we […]

Interests : how much have they fallen?

The Italians have adapted to the crisis and now it’s the turn. The new study by the SuperMoney Observatory shows how the crisis has profoundly changed the Italian financial market: it will not have become simpler, but certainly asking for a loan has become cheaper. The web also offers numerous services to compare March Hare […]

Loan Rescheduling – When it Makes Sense

  In the end, this question is roughly mentioned in the first paragraph. Currently we are in a so – called low – interest phase. The interest rate is very low and the loan conditions for financing in Austria are correspondingly lucrative. However, it is quite possible that you have taken out a loan in […]

When the debt recovery is triggered

In this period of economic crisis sometimes finding a cheap loan is not enough. Afterwards, it is also necessary to be able to pay it. And if you really can’t see what happens, what can the bank do to recover the money we owe you? You can contact a debt collection company. To avoid insolvency […]