Companies: decline from 70 billion in the last three years

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With the economic crisis, the demand for credit from banks by private individuals and businesses has grown. To face medical expenses, important investments or simply to buy a new car, you can get liquidity through mortgages, financial or Finn. For a sudden purchase, for example, it might be useful to compare the most convenient Finns and choose the best among those offered by the major banks.

Identifying the optimal financing in fact, is fundamental not only to face a difficult moment

But also to be sure of being able to return the money without difficulty


Inquiring about a Compass loan, rather than, comparing the various options can help us make a decision. Furthermore, when accessing the provision of credit by a bank, it is always advisable to choose the offer that best meets our needs, know the various types of loans and read the general conditions carefully.

The data released recently by Unimpresa show that, in the last three years, the Finn to companies have registered a reduction of -70 billion euros. Hand in hand with the difficulties of the companies, even the Finns to families have fallen by 14 billion euros. According to the Italian Business Union, therefore, from July 2011 to July 2014 the to private individuals decreased overall by 83.1 billion (-5.49%), going from 1.513 billion to 1.430 billion.

Often the bank suffering, or the insolvency or the delay of payments

money payments

Induce the banks to close the credit taps, according to, however, reducing the supply of liquidity leads very negatively to the real economy. Not even the provisions recently implemented by the ECB in reducing interest rates to the banks so as to introduce greater liquidity into the bankers’ coffers have been sufficient to restart consumption.

In the three years examined, consumer credit fell by a good 5.6 billion (-8.78%), going from 63.8 billion to 58.2 billion, mortgages to buy real estate fell by 3.8 billion (-1.05%), down from 363.5 billion to 359.7 billion. Personal Finns decreased by 4.6 billion (-2.51%) from 185.5 billion to 180.9 billion.

As far as the Finns are concerned, the situation is even more worrying, in the last three years the credit given by the banks has fallen by 69.08 billion (-7.67%): from 900.2 billion (2011) to 831, 1 billion (2014).

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