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Among the numerous financing offers on the Italian credit market, there are also the retired loans of Banco di Napoli, one of the oldest credit institutions in the country, which over the last few years has become part of the Intesa SanPaolo group. The range of products of the Banco di Napoli loans includes various options for accessing credit, reserved for specific types of beneficiaries, and among them could not miss funding for those who have now left the labor market. The Banco di Napoli retired loans provide for the use of the fifth transfer salary formula to support the loan repayment installment: together we see the package of proposals that Banco di Napoli reserves for this slice of specific clientele.

As with all the major players in the Italian credit market, Banco di Napoli’s retired loans are characterized by the choice of the sale of the fifth, which consists of

a direct withholding of the monthly repayment installment for a sum that cannot exceed 20 percent of the total income, ie one-fifth of the social security check received by the recipient of the loan.

How much can you request?

How much can you request?

The Banco di Napoli offers pensioners the option of applying for loans with salary assignment repayable up to 120 months with repayment plans starting from 24 months, for a sum ranging from a minimum of 3600 euros and a maximum of 75 thousand euros . The monthly installment will have an amount that is equal to exactly one fifth of the social security check received by the subject, while the minimum cannot go below 100 euros. The interest rate is fixed for the entire duration of the loan and depends on the age of the applicant at the time the loan is received and at the end of the amortization schedule.

Who can request them?

Who can request them?

Having chosen as the formula the sale of the fifth of the social security check, the Banco di Napoli pensioner loans are open to all those who receive the fee from the INPS and who have not passed 83 years of age at the time of the request, but so that the financing can be accepted, it is necessary that at the time of submitting the application the pension is not burdened by other transfers of the fifth. On the other hand, it is not considered necessary to have current account holders of the credit institution belonging to the Intesa Sanpaolo group . These loans are reserved for pensioners

they can also be requested by those who are registered in the register of bad payers and protesters , since the assignment of the fifth is a sufficient guarantee for the protection of banks and financial companies.

On the other hand, it is not possible to request the transfer of the fifth for pensions and social allowances , for civil disability pensions , for checks given each month as a form of assistance to pensioners in a state of disability, for pensions to survivors with multiple holders, for retirement income support and family allowances.

Loans, documents for pensioners

What are the documents to present for the request for Banco di Napoli pension loans ? As with all credit institutions in our country, the standard documentation includes the identity card, the tax code, the pension slip. For this last document, we remind you that since the transfer of the fifth is technically an agreement that is stipulated between the bank and the pension institution itself which acts as guarantor for the applicant, the document to be presented is the Transferable Share Notice issued by INPS. Furthermore, since this is an unfinished loan, this loan does not require the presentation of any cost estimate.

Early repayment of the loan

Is it possible to repay the loan early ? Early repayment, both total and partial, is allowed by Banco di Napoli, but includes the following payments:

  • 1 per cent of the amount repaid in advance if the residual duration of the repayment plan exceeds one year.
  • 0.50 percent of the capital repaid in advance if the residual duration of the loan is one year or less.

In the case of early repayment of the entire residual debt or of an amount equal to or less than 10 thousand euros, no compensation is envisaged.

Facile loan


The assignment of the fifth is not the only possible option for pensioners who want to access a loan through the Banco di Napoli: one of the key products of this credit institution is for example the PerTe Facile loan , reserved

to users between the ages of 18 and 80 , and who thanks to this funding can request a sum ranging from a minimum of 2 thousand euros to a maximum of 75 thousand euros .

The amortization plan in this case does not work with the sale of the fifth, but the customer has the option to choose for the monthly repayment installment between the fixed rate option up to a maximum amount of 50 thousand euros, or the variable rate option for sums paid between 50 thousand and 75 thousand euros.

Loan in the pocket


In addition to the one we have just described, the type of personal loan prepared by Banco di Napoli for its customers includes a further option called PerTe in Tasca loan , which is characterized by a different amortization method. Activating this choice the loan beneficiary

it has the possibility of requesting the opening of a credit line that can be activated in case of need, which is characterized by giving the customer the right to take advantage of a wider range of small loans based on the credit limit granted by the credit institution.

This option therefore represents an excellent solution for the pensioner who has to face a series of small expenses, being able to count on a repayment plan duration between 12 and 48 installments , having the amount immediately available on his current account agreed.

For more information on this and all other Banco di Napoli financing proposals, we recommend visiting the official Intesa SanPaolo website , the banking group of which Banco di Napoli is an integral part, where you can consult all offers and contact through the various channels the bank to make an appointment or receive answers to any doubts about the financing proposals.


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