Interests : how much have they fallen?

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The Italians have adapted to the crisis and now it’s the turn. The new study by the SuperMoney Observatory shows how the crisis has profoundly changed the Italian financial market: it will not have become simpler, but certainly asking for a loan has become cheaper. The web also offers numerous services to compare March Hare and save. A saving, therefore, that comes directly from the banks themselves. But not only.

58% less interest rates on personal loan

personal loan

A fact that already alone should make us hope. But the situation is more complicated than it may seem. Credit institutions are increasingly differentiating their offer to adapt to the market , as shown by the data collected by the SuperMoney Observatory. Therefore, comparing the offers of credit institutions, such as IBL or Findomestic, becomes essential to find the ideal offer for your needs.

Let’s start with the glass half full. Super Money has found that in the first half of 2014, the average Tan fell by 65% ​​compared to 2012 (from 10.28 to 6.24) while the average Taeg fell to 7.56%, with a decrease of 58% compared to 2012. On balance, therefore, on a loan of 10 thousand euros to be repaid in 24 months you can save up to 350 euros . Figures still contained, it is true, but the positive thing is that the trend seems to continue positively.

In addition,are constantly increasing with the aim of renovating or furnishing the home, making a jump from 14.8% of total requests in 2012 to 41.1%. As Andrea Manfredi , SuperMoney CEO, explains, the figure indicates the effectiveness of the government eco-bonus for the renovation of buildings. But, on the other hand, travel or ceremonies are also up by over 15%. “The fact that the financing is necessary also for those activities for which it was enough to save a little, such as travel and holidays, is a signal not to be underestimated,” explains Manfredi. But this is not the only sign of difficulty.

In fact, requests for workers with permanent contracts collapsed

workers loan

Category now become unobtainable among the Italian population. And, on the other hand, the demands of by pensioners, one of the categories most affected by the crisis, are increasing. The picture, therefore, if on the one hand appears to be positive and stimulating for the recovery of investments in Italy, on the other it shows that there is still much to do to get out of a crisis that is changing the morphology of the Italian population.

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