The Good Thing About Animations

the-good-thing-about-animation-is-that-you-can-affect-it-if-something-is-not-working-then-you-just-quote-1The Good Thing About Animations

A lot of people tend to think that animations today is mainly for kids and they are too “manly” or “grown-up” to watch animations. But when you tell them about Disney and its movies, some of them would go like “Oh, Disney animations are different from what I’m talking about”. Don’t you find some of them just delusional sometimes?

But if you are honest with your feelings, then you would definitely agree with me that animations today are a great thing. Animations can cater to almost every age group. Kids watch the animations well, for the animations, while adults sometimes watch them for the life stories that are behind them, or just to enjoy the music and to relax. For instance, the animation Disney’s Frozen was a great hit among a lot of different people, and the song “L;et It Go” played during the movie has close to a billion views on Youtube already just after a year or so. Not to mention other shows like Madagascar or Happy Feet where everyone had a great laugh together with their friends and family.

Sometimes though, we fail to realize that the cost of making an animation may end up costly a lot more than a blockbuster movie. Even though animations do not require rent of spaces or many other special equipment, they do require a lot of effort and hard work as everything has to be edited frame by frame and the voice dub also has to be done so in this way. But if your interest is in animation, definitely do go for it before you regret it when you grow old some day.

A good animation will have many life stories which people can pick up from and apply them in their own life, or it can just be something that helps one to relax and destress from their work and life. It can sometimes really feel like heaven after having a great laugh after watching a funny movie like Madagascar at the theater.

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