When the debt recovery is triggered

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In this period of economic crisis sometimes finding a cheap loan is not enough. Afterwards, it is also necessary to be able to pay it. And if you really can’t see what happens, what can the bank do to recover the money we owe you? You can contact a debt collection company.

To avoid insolvency we strongly advise those who have to apply for a loan to look for a loan online


In order to take advantage of any promotions that can be activated only on the web or in any case be able to turn to an online bank that tends to offer more favorable rates.

In any case, let us now focus on the possibility of a debtor who does not want or , more likely, fails to pay all or part of the sum to be repaid . If they begin to fail in the obligation to repay the loan, the bank or finance company will begin to storm us with telephone calls, e-mails and faxes to try to understand the reason for the delay in payment.

In the event that the bank and the client cannot find a solution, the credit institution literally sells the debt to a debt collection company that will deal with all possible means to get the money back from the debtor.

The company will try to reach an agreement with the debtor for the payment of the debt, initially by mail, email or fax. He will then proceed to telephone reminders to understand how to resolve the issue.

Finally, it will pass to direct collection, or send agents to recover the credits directly from the person who has signed the loan, to try to clarify any possible misunderstandings or to understand what are the reasons that make it impossible to pay off the debt.

If even these attempts prove to be useless, the debt collection company


May send the debtor the so-called ” default notice “, that is, through an official letter sent by registered mail with return rocevuta, he agrees to immediately fulfill his duties, in this specific case you pay the debt.

After a certain amount of time, the credit recovery company can go through legal proceedings, with additional legal charges against the debtor. Once the legal action is concluded, the company could obtain the authorization to start forced execution on the debtor’s assets, the so-called foreclosure of assets ; the latter will be withdrawn until the debt is paid.

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